On the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

It’s an amazing wig, it’s made out of human hair and yak hair and goat hair, both my wig and Tilda’s wig, and Mia’s. Because Jim really wanted the vampires to have this kind of feral beauty. We talked about wolves, if you see a wolf in the wild, their fur looks incredibly shiny as it has just been on condition. And, you know, because these are not just refined, sophisticated artists. They are wild creatures. They are Vampires. I thought that was cool, you know.”



I guess I expect whoever it is to be in on the joke that is my femininity, but why is it a joke? It’s a joke because I’m fat, and fat girls are funny, right? It’s funny when we wear frilly skirts and bikinis, it’s funny when we act flirtatious and sexy, it’s funny when we dance with our jiggling bums and bellies. My fat body is funny because that’s what the media tells me about it.